Steampunk unisex leather bag

Steampunk unisex leather bag


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Steampunk Unisex Leather Bag

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Reasons to buy hand made:

I buy the best leather there is, all natural fiber and organic colors. I choose it carefully to get this amazing looking vintage look and lots of times i refuse to buy anything unless its exactly what i want.

After I design every single line of this bag I cut it and I stitch it entirely by hand. This entire process takes me around 12 hours. I love doing it and I do it to be more durable and sturdy than anything else out there, so it will last you through the next zombie apocalypse for sure. Seriously, guaranteed for a life time!

The style is quite minimalist and only has two compartments and the following dimensions:

11 cm/4.5 inches wide
27 cm/10.5 inches tall
22/8.5 inches cm long

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